Cody Bellinger Injury Update #2

The moment we have waited for, getting to see Bellinger play in front of fans at Dodger Stadium, will have to wait a little longer than planned. The Bellinger injury update isn’t exactly postitive.

Recap: On April 5th, Bellinger collided with A’s pitcher Reymin Guadan, resulting in a left calf injury. He was out for a few days until April 10th, when it was announced he would be put on the IL with a return no later than April 16th. 

April 16th- Bellinger Injury Update

As it all seemed to be going fine, that was not the case. The day it was speculated to have been Bellinger’s returned, Dave Roberts announced Bellinger had a hairline fracture in his left leg.

With that, his return is yet to be determined as Bellinger continues his road to recovery and hopefully joins the team as soon as he is healthy and well enough, which is what really matters. 

As the season has just started, it is in everyone’s best interest to keep Bellinger recovering for as long as possible, as coming back too early could result in a worse injury, potentially costing him the rest of the 2021 season. 

The Dodgers continuously prove their consistency and have the determination to make it through this season, even if that means missing a few players for part of it. 

Our thoughts are with you, Belli, and we all wish you a speedy recovery. 

Y’all always remember: BLEED DODGER BLUE. 


Weekly Stats:

BA: .211

OPS: .654

R: 0 (2)

AB: 0 (19)

H: 0 (4)

RBI: 0 (2)

BB: 0 (2) 

2B: 0 (1)

3B: 0 (1)

HR: 0 (0)

SB: 0 (0)

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PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

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