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The Dodgers picked up the win last night thanks to Gavin Lux, and tonight they were looking to finish off a two-game sweep. With Urías on the mound, things looked good before the first pitch was even thrown. The… Read more

Lux Puts Dodgers Ahead for Much Needed Win – 5/11/21
The Dodgers struggled mightily on their lengthy road trip. They returned home tonight to begin a nine-game homestand, starting with the Mariners. The Boys in… Read more

Mad Max the Road Warrior Makes Appearance Against Cubs – Recap: May 3-9
The Dodgers finished out a horrible road trip this week, though Mad Max the Road Warrior finally made an appearance in Chicago with two… Read more

Kershaw, Dodgers Still On A Rollercoaster – Recap: May 3-9
What the…well, the Dodgers are still on this crazy rollercoaster that seems to have a long drop, with tiny breather moments, but still a downfall… Read more

Ups and Downs for Gavin Lux – Recap: May 3-9
It was a week of ups and downs for Gavin Lux at the plate but certainly an improvement over the previous one. He cut back on the strikeouts and picked up a few more… Read more

Checking In on the Rookies, Andre Ethier’s 2006 Debut
Welcome To The Show: Part 5
In the most recent “Welcome To The Show” installment, I discussed the crossing paths of DJ Peters and Edwin Uceta. The two pro… Read more

Mookie Betts Shows Some Signs of Life at the Plate – Recap: May 3-9
Mookie picked up 7 hits in 6 games this week while also walking 5 times. The Dodgers didn’t have a good week, but Betts showed some signs of… Read more

Offense Down, but Taylor Still Contributing – Recap: May 3-9
Chris Taylor, like the rest of the offense, had a down week but was still contributing to the effort. He had fewer hits this week than last but drew… Read more

Seager Struggles Against Cubs, Wakes Up Against Angels Recap: May 3rd – May 9th
The Dodgers won one single game this week. They won that game because they scored 14 runs. In the other five games this week, they… Read more

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    Kershaw Mean Girls

    Kershaw Mean Girls

    Museo Elgranarte de Gatodejazz | May 7, 2021 2:32 pm

    Kershaw Mean Girls – Modern Portraiture GET IN LOSERS, WE’RE GOING TO THE RUN STORE. Previous Image You’ve reached the end of this installment’s images. …

    Cody the Hedgehog

    Cody the Hedgehog

    Cody the Hedgehog – Future and Mystic Arts  Not all art is paint on canvas or naked folks.  We at the Museo also invest heavily…



    NEW CONCESSION STANDS – Now Open! We here at the Museo Elgranarte Del Gatodejazz are proud to announce that we have extended our concession to…

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