Weird Start for Bellinger

Weird Start for Bellinger This Season

With the Dodgers officially starting their 2021 season, it had to have some excitement without a doubt. Cody Bellinger was no exception to that. In fact, it was a pretty weird start for Bellinger this year…

April 1 – The Home Run That Wasn’t

The Dodgers and the Rockies were still 0-0 come the 3rd inning, leading to a weird situation for Belli. Justin Turner was on the base as Belli came to bat. As he hit the ball, it appeared to be a home run but was ultimately decided as not. Why was that? Justin Turner passed him on the way back, and as per baseball rules, that would automatically be an out. So while Turner scored, Belli was called out. More information as to this event can be found here

Ultimately the Dodgers lost the Opening Day game, but the weirdness wasn’t over yet. 

April 2 – Feline Outfielders

As if having that weird home run event happen in the previous game was not weird enough for Belli, another event occurred, which led to a series of memes including Belli and cat lover Tony Gonsolin. When the 8th inning came around, a cat came onto Coors Field, and as it was running around, it stopped a few steps close to Belli. As Belli stares at the cat, maintaining his distance, of course. No need to have a cat attack Belli or any other player, for that matter. Stadium employees rushed out and picked up the cat. 

To learn more about what happens when an animal runs on the field, click here

April 3 – Slow Night At the Plate

As the Dodgers prepared to face the Rockies in Game 3 of the season. Belli had 0 hits in 4 AB. Though this game also had an interesting event. Zack McKinstry hit the Dodgers’ first homer of the season, more like an inside-the-park home run

April 4 – Off Day

Bellinger would get his first off-day of 2021 in the final game of the series.


I think we can all agree that this Opening Day weekend series was one for the books and an especially weird start for Bellinger. With all these crazy events happening to the Boys in Blue, one can only imagine what the future holds.


BA: .231

OPS: .795

R: 2

AB: 13

H: 3

RBI: 2

BB: 2

2B: 1

3B: 1

HR: 0

SB: 0

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PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

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