Cody Bellinger: Freeway Series

As the Dodgers prepared for the final games of Spring Training, the Boys in Blue decided to give their fans a little taste as to what they have in store this season. This Freeway Series brought out a Belli that we all knew was there but just needed time to be released. 

Now Bellinger decided that he had to end his Spring Training with a little extra magic by not hitting 1 but 2 home runs on back-to-back days. Not only him but multiple Dodger players hit home runs. They figured if they were going to end their 2021 Spring Training, it had to be great. Demonstrating that they are in it to win it. Entering this season as World Champions is different than entering it as just making it to the playoffs. 

With all eyes on them as they prepare to fight their title, it is up to all the players to give it everything they’ve got.

So, how did Freeway Series Bellinger do agains the Angels?

With a total of seven ABs, Bellinger had 2 hits, 2 HR, and 3 RBI. We see that there has been improvement compared to when he started Spring Training. 

Spring Training Look-Back

As we recap, he started Spring Training a little late due to his shoulder injury obtained in the NLDS. After multiple practice sessions, he made his debut on March 16th (about 2 weeks ago.)  Overall his Spring Training performance was not bad. Just like any other player, he had his high moments and low moments. 

WOW!  We are officially one day away from Opening Day, and I bet everyone is as excited as can be. Going from a few months to weeks to days to now being ONE DAY away is crazy! 


Weekly Stats: 

Position(s) Played: CF

 BA: .179

AB: 7 (29) 

2B: 0 (1)

3B:0 (0)

 RBI: 2 (4)

 HR: 2 (3)

 BB: 2 (3)

 SB: 0 (0)

 Errors: 0 (0)

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In your opinion, how does this year look for Belli?


PHOTO CREDIT: Harry How/Getty Images


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.