Mookie Betts Freeway Series Recap: March 28-30th

Betts turned what looked like another slow week to a week that was pretty decent. The struggles that hampered him through the last few weeks, unfortunately, continued for Mr. Betts in the Freeway Series.

March 28th

Mookie went 0-2 this game. He did draw a walk but also struck out. He continued swinging early in counts and making weak contact which is not something we’re used to seeing from Betts.

March 29th

The struggles continued for Betts as he went 0-3 while striking out once. Generally looked like he didn’t have a good feel at the plate and you can see the frustrations starting to settle in.

March 30th

In the bottom of the first inning of this game against Quintana, Mookie Betts took a 92 MPH high fastball and deposited it just over Trout’s glove in center field for a home run. Nice to see from Betts as it was a pitch that he was somehow missing the previous weeks. In his next at he ended up chasing a pitch way outside and striking out. In his 3rd and final at-bat of spring, he homered down the right-field line for his 2nd home run of the day. Took the outside pitch, went with it, and drove it. Nice piece of hitting and definitely something to build on.  

To summarize Betts’ spring I would say it was a bit up and down. Didn’t showcase the power until the last game, struck out more times than I’m sure he would like, but before that he was taking pitches, drawing walks, and generally squaring up the ball pretty well. Only a 42 at-bat sample size, but I’m sure he would like more consistency at the plate whether it results in hits or not. 


BA: .318

OPS: .946

Runs: 2(11)

RBI: 2(3)

AB: 8(44)

BB: 1(7)

2B: 0(3)

3B: 0(0)

HR: 2(2)

SB: 0(1)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.