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  • What if the Dodgers signed George Springer?

  • iAmTired

    December 12, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Wow…. Could you just imagine the chaos if the Dodgers signed George Springer? Just close your eyes and imagine waking up and while checking it you get a notification saying “The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed All-Star outfielder and former Houston Astros George Springer to a 1 year contract”

    First, I personally do not want this to happen at all nor do I think it will happen. I was just thinking about it to myself. What if the Dodgers came out of nowhere and signed him? How would it make me feel? Upset? Pissed off? Would I leave you questioning the Dodgers front office? All of the above? Or would you feel 50/50 about it? Undecided, in other words. Or possibly maybe even a bit excited?

    Second, with all the players we have in our outfield I think two of those players both leave this offseason. That being Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernandez.

    Springer as we know was apart of the 2017 Houston Astros who cheated their way to a Word Series *championship*. Dodgers fans would riot in the streets of LA if this were to unfold this off-season. Springer would essentially the most hated Dodgers of all-time.

    Why would they do this? Why would they sign a player who helped cheat them out of a World Series championship? Easy answer, to win another one and to add even more depth to team (even more than it has now). The Dodgers are reigning World Series champs and want to (and have a good chance of a) repeat in 2021. Maybe him being added could lock it up even more.

    I am playing devil’s advocate here and it’s all hypothetical of course but, just imagine how the internet would break!

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