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    December 30, 2020 at 8:27 am

    It’s been no secret the Dodgers have been looking for a right-handed bat, Friedman and Roberts have said as much all off-season. According to David Vassegh of AM 570 LA Sports, he said on MLB Network’s Hot Stove show that the Dodgers are interested in and are in talks with DJ LeMahieu. 


    Is this surprising? Not really, I think we all figured the Dodgers would have some level of interest. How real is the interest is the real question. If Vassegh is right then being in talks is a good sign. LeMahieu has reportedly wanted a 4-5 year deal worth anywhere north of 20 million. Could this be a ploy by LeMahieu’s agent to get the Yankees to up their offer? That’s definitely a possibility and makes sense. What better way to get an offer upped than by inserting the big market Dodgers name. 


    LeMahieu is 32 but coming off a season where he was 3rd in MVP voting where he hit .364, had an on-base percentage of .421, slugged .590, and had an Ops of 1.011. He has a really good knack for making contact. Even when he chases pitches out of the zone he has a really high contact percentage. He’s gotten good at squaring the ball up and hitting the ball relatively hard. He rarely swings and misses and is never trying to do too much at the plate. Has a great approach and he would really help the Dodgers considering he is that right-handed bat and he can play second base, third base, and first base. He has a career Ops of .856 against lefties while also hitting .325. Hitting lefties well is definitely something the Dodgers need. 


    DJ is also a really good fielder. He has 3 gold gloves to his name while also being named Wilson’s defensive player of the year twice. He’s usually one of the best at defensive runs saved at 2nd base. He’s solid, with enough athleticism that he has pretty good range. He also has defensive versatility which the Dodgers like in players and he can handle all positions pretty well. 


    There is some risk about how he would do outside the small ballpark at Yankee stadium but he has an elite hard-hit rate and exit velocity while being in the 99th percentile in whiff rate which means he very rarely swings and misses. Having that in the Dodgers lineup could only help them and as I mentioned in a previous piece would be the perfect “counter” move to the Padres adding pitchers. 


    I wanted LeMahieu 2 years ago when he was a free agent. I believed in his peripherals then and I believe in them now. It’s time to bring him to LA and really get this repeat championship run going. What are your guys’ thoughts? Would you be happy with DJ LeMahieu or would you rather look elsewhere for a right-handed bat? 


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