CLINCH WATCH 2021 – Dodgers Win, Giants Win, Diamondbacks Do Not – 9/21/2021


Dodgers Win A One Run Game In Extras So CELEBRATE YE GOOD AND FAITHFUL

All joking aside, extras and close games were not Dodger-friendly for a good portion of the season.  That particular ship has been somewhat righted recently, but the previous trauma still makes this win especially sweet.

That being said, it feels ridiculous that this should have been such a close game, but Coors Field gonna Coors Field and at least we came out on top.

Urías and Senzatela both took no hitters into the 4th, but Senzatela was the first to crack, giving up a single to Trea Turner.  Urías cracked harder, though, giving up two runs in the bottom of the fourth in back to back RBI doubles from Blackmon and Cron.

The Dodgers came out and put up two runs in the 5th, then two more in the sixth for the lead.  The first of these runs was scored by none other that Julio Urías himself, an RBI single to get things kicked off.  Betts, Muncy, and Smith all picked up solo RBIs as well.

The Rockies answered with two runs in the bottom of the 6th, again on back to back doubles, this time from Cron and Díaz.  Both starters left the game after the 6th and bullpens put up zeros from there on out to put the game into extras.

Lux was the ghost runner for the 10th inning when Tío Albert stepped up to the plate and laid down a perfect ground ball that bounced its way unimpeded to centerfield.  Lux put on the gas and scored relatively easily.

Tony Gonsolin came in to pinch run for Pujols and had the bad luck to be caught in a double play on a Betts line drive almost directly at first baseman Cron, who made the outs.  

Graterol closed out the game, striking out the hot bat of C.J. Cron and inducing a grounder from Elias Días.  The Bazooka gave up a walk and after pinch hitter Rio Ruiz was announced, Alex Vesia came in to shut down the game.  And shut it down he did.

Dodgers improve to 97-54 and until the Padres-Giants game was decided, moved to within a half game of the Giants.  Rockies move to 70-80 and go back into their mountain cavern to prepare tomorrow’s skullduggery spells.

In other news, Cody Bellinger moves to the IL with a rib fracture and Luke Raley was recalled from OKC.  Someone please get Belli some calcium supplements and bubble wrap.  And then maybe we just let him write all of 2021 off on his taxes or something.  Yeesh.

Padres Lose to Giants


  • Giants Starter Kevin Gausman was charged with four runs, three of them from home runs.
  • Manny Machado hit two of those Gausman dingers.
  • Wil Myers can climb a wall.
  • LaMonte Wade Jr. singled in Brandon Belt in the ninth to put the Giants on top 6-5.
  • As far as I can tell, no one in the Padres dugout had a meltdown.

Look, I could go blow for blow in the game, but this Giants team is just so frustrating.  But like also?  Man, this is pretty fun!  Never before has a rivalry been so cemented, so rekindled.  So….frustrating.  This is what rivalries are made for.  And we’ll have to wait down to the wire to see who wins.  That’s kinda fun.  And, you know.  Frustrating.

Giants improve to 98-53 and the Dodgers are a full game behind again.  The Padres move to 76-74 and are 20.5 games behind the Dodgers.

Diamondbacks Still A Team

And they lost 6-1 to the Braves.  Their lone run came from a sacrifice ground out from Pavin Smith in the third.  So good on him.

Straight up, the Braves needed this series to keep the surging Phillies at bay.  The Phillies, who were on a bit of a hot streak, are now three games behind the Braves.  But considering the Phillies are currently splitting a series with the beleaguered orange birds from Baltimore, they might be less of a threat than a temporary nuisance.  

The NL East might just come down to their last mid-week series, where the Braves play the Phillies in Atlanta.  Could be an intersting series indeed if the Phillies manage to sweep the Pirates and the Braves lose a few to the *checks schedule* ….the Padres.  Whelp.

Diamondbacks move to 48-103.  Still tied with the Orioles for worst record in baseball.  And it’s still a crime that 79 wins can put you on top of a division in September, atBraves.


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