CLINCH WATCH 2021 – First Clinch Activated – 9/14/2021

Kershaw day

CLINCH WATCH 2021 – First Clinch Activated – 9/14/2021

Giants Steam Roll the Padres

Padres starter and former Dodger Yu Darvish was tagged for a painful 8 earned runs in four innings in San Francisco, raising his ERA to 4.32.  He only gave up six hits, but four of them were home runs and one was an RBI triple.

Straight up, the Dodgers’ chances of winning a tenth NL West Division hang on Giants losses, and with the Padres playing this way, the Dodgers aren’t going to get any help from them.  Though after the sweep we just dealt them, I’m guessing they aren’t in the mood to do us any favors.  Luckily, they are very much in it for themselves, as a dive in wins right now puts their wildcard position in jeopardy.

Hopefully the Padres come out angry tomorrow. Or, dare I say it? Hungry.

Giants improve to 94-50 and clinch a postseason spot. Padres move to 74-69.  Not so Nice, Padres.


So Clayton Kershaw is back off the Injured List, if you did’t know.  He spent 72 days off the major league diamond with a stint in OKC to sharpen up on his way back.

Not only did Kersh throw 4.1 innings with five strikeouts and only one earned run, he also singled on what was dangerously close to a swinging bunt, putting the ball down in exactly the right place to flummox the D-back’s infield.  He was left on base, but not before he got to stand on second and mildly annoy Arizona starter Zac Gallen with his hands on his hips like he was waiting for froyo.

Kershaw threw 50 pitches and looked like he could have gone further, but Roberts is being careful with October right around the corner.  And I’m cool with it.

Other incidents of note:  

– An almost collision between himbos Belli and Lux in the outfield seemed to actually loosen the pair up a bit.  It looks like Cody and Gavin are having fun playing baseball, not always the case in recent weeks.

– Max Scherzer was SO RUMPLED about Kershaw’s hit.  Prime grumpus teammate.

– Mitch White threw two full innings with no base traffic and a strikeout.

– Turner homered again.  *happy sigh*

Dodgers improve to 92-53.  Diamondbacks move to 47-97.

Rockies Get A Nap

The Rox got a day off before traveling to Atlanta with Jon Gray on the mound, facing off against Braves Touki Toussaint.


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