CLINCH WATCH 2021 – Dodgers Sweep Padres Outta Town – 9/12/2021

Scherzer is a Dodger

CLINCH WATCH 2021 – Dodgers Sweep Padres Outta Town – 9/12/2021

Scherzer Reaches 3,000 Ks, A Padres Beat Writer Picks A Fight

Especially with the recent anniversary, it seems to me that when people ask “Where were you when you got the news?” they’re almost always referring to tragic events.  When Kennedy was shot.  And more recently, when the news about Robin Willams broke, when Kobe’s helicopter went down.  But it can be used to talk about joyous events, too.

For me, at least for right now, it’s “Where were you when you heard that Max Scherzer and Trea Turner were traded to the Dodgers?” And I won’t forget it.

Ralph’s on Ventura, in the produce section right in front of the apples.  My Twitter friend and world’s largest Blue Jays fan Matt Harvey (not the pitcher) messaged me and I checked Twitter, and y’all, the noise I made in that good, wholesome Ralph’s was enough to make a bouncer blush.  And my excitement has only grown since then.

Every outing a win.  Every inning electric.  And now 3,000 Ks.  

Which is why I take extreme umbrage at Kevin Acee, Padres beat reporter and possible general butthead, who posted this on Twitter.

Look.  I get it.  MLB hyped up the LA-SD rivalry.  Padres ownership went out and spent a ton of money on pitchers that haven’t exactly panned out.  Dodgers ownership went out and traded for two superstars.  Your super star keeps getting injured and had to move to the outfield.  Our super stars keep getting injured and we have the second best record in baseball. And there’s no doubt that there is a lot of talent wearing Padres brown this season.


Not only did 42,678 fans attend today’s game (192 more people than Petco even holds, btw), they absolutely exploded when Max hit 3,000 Ks.  Exploded.  And gave him no less than two standing ovations during the game.

I don’t usually get upset with beat reporters from other teams, but this guy can really…

*deep breath*

We love Max Scherzer here in Los Angeles.  End of story.

Scherzer might not have gotten his perfect game along with his 3,000, but a one hitter through 8 ain’t so bad either.  And hey.  Justin Turner busted out of a small slump in a huge way today.  The idea of Belli, Betts, and JT heating up going into fall is a hell of a thing.

Dodgers improve to 91-53.  Padres drop to 74-68.  Padres jet up to San Francisco to face the Giants tomorrow.  So go, go Padres. 

Giants Break Out The Brooms As Well

Those pesky Giants also completed a sweep of their own, defeating the Cubs 6-5 in Chicago.  

The Giants led for the entire game, but the Cubs did put up a fight, tagging starter Logan Webb for four earned runs.  But the Giants tagged Cubs starter Justin Steele (who is somehow a pitcher and not a cowboy in a torrid romance novel) for five.  Relievers for both only gave up one run each, but a wild pitch from Cubs reliever Codi Heuer (who is somehow a baseball player and doesn’t play the synth for a synth-pop band) allowed Kris Bryant to score and that made all the difference.  Welcome back to Wrigley Kris Bryant.  Show your ex what they are missing.

Giants improve to 93-50 and as mentioned fly back to SF to face the Padres.  And just once more, go, go Padres.

Rockies Take Series from Phillies

Ryan Feltner had his second start with the Rockies today.  He definitely improved upon his first outing, where he served up a home run to Braves infielder Ozzie Albies on his very first big league pitch.  Ouch.  

For this outing, he walked his first batter.  Not an auspicious start, but still better than a tater.  Feltner settled down and went 3.2 innings with six strikeouts.  He also issued two more walks, but let’s focus on the good, eh?

Speaking of good, centerfielder Garrett Hampson was pretty good today, scoring all five on the Rockies runs himself.  He went 3 for 4 at the plate with a three run homer in the 5th and a two run homer in the 7th.  Get that man the game ball and a McFlurry on the way home, he earned it.

Rockies improve to 66-78.

The Diamondbacks Still A Team And Win First Road Series Since April

Eleven hits and five runs ain’t so bad.  D-backs played a little small ball today, with only one run coming from the long ball from Ketel Marte in the seventh. Doubles and singles got the job done.

The Diamondbacks slither into town to face off with the Dodgers tomorrow.  Hopefully the Boys in Blue get a good night’s sleep tonight because from now on, every game is a must-win situation if they are to continue their dominance of the NL West division wins.  It’s tempting to look at teams like Arizona as cannon fodder, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned this season is that every team, despite their record, has talent.  And teams play their best against the Dodgers, so take nothing for granted.

Diamondbacks improve to 47-96, no longer tied for worst record in MLB.  That would belong to the Orioles, who are 46-97 after a soul-crushing 22-7 pounding from the Blue Jays.  Ouch x 22.


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