More Struggles for Turner and Dodgers

After the brutal conclusion of the four-game series against the San Diego Padres, the Cincinnati Reds came into town to battle in the sandlot for a three-game series. *SPOILER ALERT* more struggles were ahead for both Turner and the reigning, defending, undisputed 2020 World Series Champions.

Justin Turner vs. Reds

April 26th – Pinch Hitting Role

In this game, Edwin Rios got the nod at third base, and speaking of struggles, Rios is at the heart of it. Edwin had two strikeouts, a groundout, and he was hit by a pitch late in the game. Justin entered the game in the ninth as a pinch hitter and had a groundout. The third basemen didn’t produce. 

Reds win 5-3

April 27 – Dazzling Defense

Turner was back in the starting lineup for this one, and he started with back-to-back walks in the first and fourth inning. Justin had a single in the fifth, a force out in the sixth. The seventh saw him make a diving stop off the bat of former Dodger Kyle Farmer to get the lead runner at second. It was one of those get the entire jersey dirty plays; what a play by JT! He had the crowd buzzing.

Dodgers lose 6-5

April 28 – Getaway day game/Finale

The Wednesday early game is usually an indication that both teams will be leaving town after said game concludes. Justin only had one hit in the game; however, it was for a solo home run. It seemed to jump-start the offense as the team hung an eight spot on the scoreboard before leaving California. 

Dodgers win 8-0

After losing another series, our Blue Crew arrived in Milwaukee to take on the Brew Crew for a four-game series. The Dodgers were looking to take the momentum of scoring eight runs the previous game and hoping it will lead to continued run-scoring for these games.

Justin Turner vs. Brewers

April 29 – Nail-Biter

A single in the first and the eighth was all that Turner could muster up. It wasn’t enough.

Dodgers lose 2-1

April 30 – More Struggles Ahead for Turner

This game can be summed up as one thing: strikeouts. Justin had 3 of them. 

Dodgers lose 3-1

May 1 – Extra Inning Affair

I will fast forward to the tenth inning when at the time, Turner had a go-ahead single to score Will Smith to make it 3-2. It was unfortunately not enough as the Brewers battled back.

Dodgers lose 6-5

May 2 – Offensive Explosion

This game must have felt great for our guys to be able to flex their muscles after nearly weeks of frustrating performances at the plate, especially with the bases loaded! This time around, with all the ducks on the pond, they capitalized with not one but two grand slams. The only question of this game was who would have more runs batted in AJ Pollock or Matt Beaty. Pollock won that battle as he had eight. Justin’s two singles in the first and second inning resulted in him scoring on both of those grand salami’s. I just hope this can FINALLY wake up the dormant bats.

Dodgers win 16-4

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Turner once again struggled for the better part of the week. I realize that these are only games in April; however, with the constant injuries and the struggles of other players, he has to be more consistent than what he displays. It was good to see him on base when the offense had sixteen runs; that is a good start. I hope we will get back on track with the offensively now, so we can look like the champs once again.


BA: .337

OPS: .999

R: 5 (19)

Hits: 7 (34)

RBI: 2 (21)

AB: 23 (101)

BB: 4 (14)

2B: 0 (7)

3B: 0 (0)

HR: 1 (6)

SB:  0 (0)

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Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

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