Going to the Opening Series at Dodger Stadium? Scout Your Concessions Now

It’s baseball Christmas this weekend as the Boys in Blue return to Dodger Stadium to play their first games as defending World Champions in front of their hometown fans. 

Like the last time a crowd was at the Ravine back in October of 2019, the Washington Nationals are the opponent for the first home series in 2021. While that part will feel familiar to those who were there for that fateful game (don’t think about what happened), there will be many changes for fans to adapt to as Dodger Stadium will be adhering to current COVID-19 protocols. 

The most significant change that will impact fans involves ordering concessions. Under the current guidelines, all Dodger Stadium concessions must be ordered via the online system the Dodgers have set up. 

If you want your first Dodger Dog experience in nearly a year and a half to go as smooth as possible, read on for some tips I’ve gleaned from carefully inspecting the ordering site as if it were the Sears Christmas catalog.

1. The ordering site is live, so set up your account now. 

Think of this as your chance to get your Andrew Friedman on with some pre-game scouting of your prospective lineup. Click here to access the site and set up your account. Apple Pay is the default payment setting. A credit card can be added (and saved for later) when you submit your first order. If you don’t use credit cards, cash can be exchanged at any of the seven Cash-to-Card kiosks in Dodger Stadium.

2. Fans will be limited to ordering concessions on their level.

If your seats are on the Top Deck, it might be a while before you can get a Frozen Coffee from the new Dunkin’ behind the Left Field Pavillon. Before proceeding to the ordering page, you’re required to add your level, section, row, and seat number to see your available options. Finding your section can be a little tricky; the numbers are laid out in blocks rather than true numerical order. For example, section 4 on the Reserve Level is found in the menu after section 49.

One detail that remains TBD is whether or not you’ll be required to pick up your Dodger Stadium concessions order or if it will be delivered to your seat. The checkout page on the ordering site says “In-Seat Delivery,” but the Dodgers also said fans will be directed to pick up their orders out in the concourses. 

3. If you like to mix n’ match, you must place one order at a time. 

While most stands are stocked with core staples like Dodger Dogs and peanuts, specialty items are unique to individual stands. That means you’ll need to place two orders if you want to try the new Michelada Sausage and a Carne Asada Nacho Helmet.

Dodger Stadium Concessions Locations

Dodger Stadium Concessions

4. The beer selection is going to be limited. And there’s tax.

It’s a good thing anytime can be Modelo time because the available beer options for opening weekend will be Modelo, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and Montejo. Cocktails and Micheladas are not on the menu but you can test the waters by pulling the true pro-move of bringing your own Miche cups. And as an added bonus to ordering online, sales tax is now charged separately, so when your Midwestern friends flip out that you spent $14.75 on a tall can of Bud Light, you can hit them with the fact that it was actually $16.15. 

5. Does all this sound like too much of a hassle? Bring your own snacks. 

Even with COVID-19 protocols in place, the Dodgers are continuing their generous outside food and drink policy. The only exception is food and sealed soft drinks must fit in the newly required 12x12x6 clear plastic bags. The good news is that size is plenty big to fit a French Dip from Philippe’s, but you’ll probably need to fold that Little Caesars HOT-N-READY in half to sneak it past security.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your Dodger Stadium concessions experience more enjoyable and please, remember to go easy on the staff. Without fans at the Freeway Series, they didn’t get the chance to have their own spring training and test out the new ordering system, but if we can keep making progress as we have been, we can all get back to standing in line for two innings to get a Dodger Dog by the All-Star break. 




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.