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  1. I’ve only gone to one game alone. I have to say I did have a better time than going with people I know. I was able to 100% focus on our boys and the game. No distractions. I have really bad social anxiety. The only reason I went alone was cause my friend bailed on me so…I said f*** it and went alone

    1. That first time is the hardest, but once you get past it, it gets easier. I struggle with social anxiety too. Proud of you for achieving that first game by yourself.

  2. Sounds good. I may just have to try this. I almost went alone last week, because I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go to Joe Kelly bobblehead night with me. I would have been ok with 2 bobble heads for myself. 😀😂

    1. It’s definitely worth trying. See, don’t let the lack of having someone to go with stop you from going. You could’ve gone home with two Joe Kelly’s 😆

      1. I did end up finding someone at the last minute, but your story made realize that all the stressing I did to find someone is so unnecessary. So thank you for that. 😀