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  • Who was the best fictional baseball team in a movie?

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    March 24, 2020 at 10:57 am

    Dodger Yard twitter account has been putting up polls about the best Baseball movie, that’s got me thinking about who the best fictional Baseball team is. Let’s go over some options before I give out my opinion.

    Major League might be the most popular Baseball movie, but is their team the best? They had foreign substance user Eddie Harris who needed substances to get more break on his pitches, then they had flamethrower Ricky Vaughn who had his struggles with command, but got outs when it mattered the most. The Fictional Indians team had Speed with Willie Mays Hayes, Veteran leadership in Jake Taylor, and power with Pedro Cerrano. However, there were glaring weaknesses, the ownership put this team together hoping they’d lose so they could be moved to Miami. The roster was old and injury-prone, the Manager had health issues, Pedro Cerrano still can’t hit breaking balls. The Indians team in Major League was an overachieving bunch but had some potential there.

    The Sandlot, in my opinion, is the Best Baseball movie, but they were just teens, could they really be the best team? They had one sure-fire major Leaguer in Benny the Jet Rodriguez, He was a star even has a kid. Kenny Denunez was a good pitcher with tons of potential who threw a lively fastball, had good clean mechanics, could hit a bit and was athletic, Definitely the 2nd best player on the team. Hamilton Porter provided big power from the Catcher spot, how was his catching defensively though? We never got the chance to see it as they only played 1 game. Yeah Yeah was very good defensively, great lateral quickness, and has top of the order speed, his only issue is he runs like a duck. As far as the rest of the team I think Squints and Smalls really bring down the team as a whole. Smalls improved but was it enough to make this team elite? What did Squints do well? besides, pretending to be dead?

    The Rookie of the Year Cubs had a Flamethrower in Henry Rowengartner and an aging veteran with a declining fastball in Chet Steadman. We don’t know anything else about the actual team but what we do know is the Cubs won the World Series as displayed by Henry showcasing his ring after robbing a home run in his little league game. Should they be the best based on that alone?

    The California Angels from Angels in the Outfield, Where do I even begin? They needed help from actual Angels throughout the season to not be a laughing stock. They had potential as seen by their 3rd baseman Ray Mitchell who seemingly was the only competent one of the bunch. The Manager had anger management issues, their future starter Mel was dying and dependent on cigarettes.

    Little Big League featured the Twins, who had Lou Collins at First Base, Speedy Mickey Scales at 2nd, Power Hitting in Lonnie Ritter who struggled at parts due to injury. They had an Ace in Mike McGrevey, they had solid Bullpen options in Jim Bowers and Blackout who was an actual Major league Relief Pitcher. They had a solid team but really had no answers for the Mariners with Griffey Jr and Randy Johnson. Also, their manager was 12, was it really sustainable?

    Bull Durham was a Minor League Team with a catcher on the verge of retirement but they did have a Pitcher in Nuke who definitely had Major League stuff with some fine-tuning. What else was known about this team other than those 2 players?

    The Rockford Peaches from the movie A League of Their Own had all world, Dottie Henson and Marla Hooch might have been the best hitter in the league. The Team had solid Pitching, great offensively and could get it done on defense. They lost in the Championship but they were a great team, but they had an alcoholic manager and their 2 best players were more concerned with other things other than Baseball.

    Now comes time for my opinion on the best fictional Baseball team and that’s the Rockford Peaches. I understand they didn’t win the championship and the Rookie of the Cubs were the only team to actually win it but Rockford should have won. Dottie Henson dropped that ball on purpose so her sister could finally feel adequate and have her be the talk of baseball and not Dottie. Rockford had the best team, They had speed with “All the way” Mae Mordabitoa the top of the lineup, Doris had pretty good power she did lack footspeed but still solid defensively. Ellen sue played short and relief pitched and she had an absolute cannon, was good defensively took the Derek Jeter approach to hitting which was to the opposite field. Marla Hooch was an amazing switch hitter who was underrated defensively, she left in the middle of the season but had she stuck around they probably win the championship series, most likely doesn’t even go 7 games. This team could do it all, and pretty well. They were the most balanced of the teams on this list, they won in many different ways. They were winning despite having a manager who was more concerned about money for booze, Dottie was amazing but didn’t care for baseball all that much, and their best all-around hitter in Marla who left after getting married. Kit was a great Pitcher who gave it her all and trusted her stuff and even after she got traded Rockford still should’ve won.

    Who do you guys think is the best fictional baseball team? Did I miss any teams? Let me know.

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