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  • What’s worse, Frank McCourt Era or recent postseason disappointments?

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    April 4, 2020 at 5:08 pm

    Being a Dodger fan had definitely had its ups and downs. From Justin Turner’s walk off home run in game two of the 2017 NLCS to watching a non competitive team during the Frank McCourt era. You can’t have good times if you don’t suffer through the bad ones, but which era was worse?

    It all started to go bad when Frank McCourt and Jamie announced plans to separate after nearly 30 years of marriage. This would eventually turn into a long legal dispute. Jamie claimed to own half of the Dodgers while Frank claimed to be the sole owner of the team. This battle would last from 2010 until the team being sold in 2012 to Magic Johnson & the Guggenheim partners.

    During that time the Dodgers went from making the NLCS in back to back years to finishing fourth in the National League West, four games under .500. The following year they finished third in the NL West three games over .500. There was nothing to be excited about this team. The performance was poor on the field and being at Dodger Stadium was not fun. The lack of energy in the stands and an average attendance of 36,236 for the 2011 regular season, it was just a miserable time to be a Dodger fan.

    With new owners in 2012 and a couple massive trades that brought stars such as Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez to Los Angeles, there was a buzz around the Dodgers once again. In 2013 the Dodgers would make it to the 2013 NLCS but ultimately be stopped short of the World Series thanks to the St Louis Cardinals. The following season a massive disappointment being eliminated in the first round of the postseason by, once again the St Louis Cardinals. 2015 brought another division title to LA but another first round exit in the playoffs. Don Mattingly would be headed for the exit and a new beginning with Dave Roberts being the new skipper. He would lead the Dodgers to a fourth straight division title but would be eliminated in the NLCS thanks to the Chicago Cubs. In his second season as Dodgers manager, Dave would lead the team all the way to the fall classic but the cheating Astros would rob the title away from all of Los Angeles. 2018 would result in another fall classic for Los Angeles and would include another disappointing end as the team would lose to the Boston Red Sox in five games. 2019 saw the Dodgers win their seventh straight division title and yet no World Series trophy as their season was cut short as they were eliminated in the division series.

    This brings up the ultimate question, what is worse? Having a team that brings no excitement to the ballpark or an extraordinary team with no title to show for? There was nothing fun about the early 2010’s for Dodger fans. You knew the team was not going to be playing in October but at least you wouldn’t get your hopes up. We all knew there was no parade soon so we wouldn’t expect it. Seven straight division titles is nice but Dodger fans are tired of being disappointed in October. Dodger fans want a title, a championship parade. 2019 saw the Dodgers win a franchise record 106 regular season wins just to lose in the division series. We all had hope of a parade, of Kershaw getting the gorilla off of his back and performing well in October.

    The Dodgers have broken our hearts, stomped on them, and repaired it just to crush it in October. Dodger fans have not forgotten what it’s like to cheer on a losing team but at least they don’t break our hearts. You know they’re going to lose. You know the team will be golfing in October. They can’t break your heart if you know how the season will end. Being a fan of an extra ordinary team is a double edged sword. They’re either going to win the fall classic or will crush your heart and Dodger fans are tired of getting their hearts broken year after year.

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    • This discussion was modified 3 months ago by  Roach.

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