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  • Shark

    July 31, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    Batting Average: .207 (6/29)

    Runs: 3

    2B: 2

    RBI: 3

    BB: 3

    K: 4

    SB: 1

    Honestly, if you were to look at solely the hitting numbers (.535 OPS), you’d think Mookie has had a rough first week with the Dodgers. However, if you expand to defense and baserunning, Mookie’s doing quite alright.

    Last night, Mookie made a sliding catch to rob Kole Calhoun of a hit. He made some nice running catches as well, throughout the week.

    His baserunning instincts are clutch! Last night, he took an extra base from the Diamondbacks because he anticipated where the ball was being thrown and realized he had an open path to second base. Obviously, he’s got speed but it’s the instincts that give him a little edge when on the base paths.

    We’re still waiting for Mookie’s first regular season homerun with the Dodgers and I project it’ll happen this weekend. He almost got it in Houston! In the top of the 11th inning, Betts blasted a ball off the left-center wall and brought home a run to give the Dodgers a quick lead over the Astros! A little more oomph and it’ll would’ve been a 3-run game-winning dinger.

    It’s all good though because he’s hit a lot of hard-hit groundballs. If he can get those elevated, the extra base hits will come.

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