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  • The unfortunate events if 2020 is lost

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  • konu

    April 1, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    As we all know, if there is no 2020 season due to the Coronavirus, players will still get their service time based on 2019. Unfortunately, this affects the Dodgers in a big way and maybe even affects the fans more.

    We all know about Mookie Betts still becoming a free agent, but he’s hardly the only one. If the season is lost, we as fans wouldn’t get to see Blake Treinen either, who could’ve been a big part of the bullpen had he returned to form. The return of Alex Wood fresh off working with driveline this offseason, would also not be a thing. For sentimental reasons for fans, it could be that last year was the last time we’d see Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Pedro Baez, and Kiké Hernandez in Dodger uniforms. However we feel about these players, they have all contributed the recent success’ of the Dodgers.

    Justin Turner has been nothing but a steady force in the lineup, coming up with big hits and one of the few players who consistently hit in the post-season. Not only that, but he’s also done great things off the field for different charities. He’s been an all-around great dude, his presence would be sorely missed if it came to that. However, personally out of the 4 players who have already been here I see him being the one most likely to return.

    Pedro Baez has had a rocky time with the Dodgers. He’s gone from getting heavily booed to being an almost fan favorite, while also being rock-solid in the bullpen. Baez is someone I could see the Dodgers bringing back but he could also get more money elsewhere.

    Joc Pederson has been the big power hitter in the postseason, as well as the regular season. once a highly-touted prospect he’s found a role for him and that’s hammering right-handed pitching while also providing solid defense in the outfield. I don’t think Joc will be back, he was almost traded to the Angels. The Dodgers would definitely miss that kind of production against right-handed pitching. With no season he’d be leaving with the Dodgers having tried to trade him and then him missing time with injury. Not a great way to go out.

    I know Kiké would be missed by most of the fanbase, he’s got a great personality, he’s got good energy and he’s absolutely been Madison Bumgarner’s Daddy and for that alone tons of fans will miss him. I have a hard time seeing Kiké back because the Dodgers still have Chris Taylor who I personally think is the better player, plus Zach Mckinstry could fill in for Kiké. Cant replace his energy and the good clubhouse guy he is but could replace his production.

    If the season were to be canceled the Dodgers would be missing out on maybe the most talented team they’ve had during this run. Not getting a chance to have Mookie for the final stretch plus the playoffs would be devastating, same with Blake Treinen. Alex Wood was pretty good last time he was here, He completely shut down the cheating Astros. It would be a blow to the Dodgers as well as fans if we weren’t able to see the improvements that could possibly help lead the Dodgers to a World Series Title. It would just be another gut punch in a stretch of constant gut punches.

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