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  • Tavi

    April 3, 2020 at 9:51 am

    In solidarity with the hundreds of celebrities and regular joes who have been posting their daily routines in an effort to connect, I’ve decided to share with you MY VERY PROFESSIONAL ROUTINE of doing a morning workout generously offered by Dodgers strength and conditioning coach Brandon McDaniel.

    In all seriousness, this is a light workout that’s easy to follow, with options to do less impactful stretches or moves if the one he’s doing isn’t working for you. I work out exactly never and had no trouble (other than the woes I brought on myself) following along and now here at the end, I feel more awake and energized than I have since the Stay-At-Home was issued. I ended up not using a weight of any kind, but still feel like I got a decent workout. I needed only about a 5×9’ space – moving the coffee table against the couch did it for me.

    You don’t need anything to do the workout, but I do recommend a yoga mat or something squishy if you’re working on a hard surface to protect your knees for a few of the stretches. I used a couch pillow with a fox embroidered on it. Really, anything works!

    The video is up on Twitter and Facebook, so you can do it at a time convenient to you. I’m sure I’ll feel it a little more tomorrow, but I’m going to make a pledge to do this every day at 8 AM. And I’m gonna post about it on Twitter to try and hold myself accountable about it.

    If we expect our Boys in Blue to stay in peak shape to come out of this hiatus at World Series caliber, the least we can do is take care of ourselves enough to cheer them along. Maybe developing some sweet baseball butts for ourselves along the way isn’t a bad thing, either.

    Brandon will be posting another video Monday morning at 8 AM PST. See you there, Dodger fans!

    So, without further ado: My Very Professional Workout Routine.

    6:45 AM – snooze

    6:55 – snooze

    7:15 – snooze

    7:25 – snooze

    7:40 – Actually get out of bed after futzing around on the internet for a while. Looks like I timed this perfectly. I’m already dressed because I slept in my workout clothes because I’m smart like that.

    7:48 – My roommate has backed out of doing the workout. Well, actually, she thought it was going to be earlier, and now has to start her remote work. Who have I been living with these past years that thought I’d work out earlier than this? I feel extremely unseen.

    7:49 – Got my headphones and iPad set up. Realize I’m kinda hungry. Should I eat before this? Drink something? Uh.

    7:50 – I shove a large strawberry into my mouth and call it breakfast. Killin’ it.

    7:53 – Discover my headphones are dead, panic. Jam another strawberry into my mouth.

    7:55 – Pull up Dodgers YouTube, watch A Day in the Life of the Kershaws while I scramble for another pair of headphones.

    8:01 – I can’t find a feed on Twitter or YouTube. Oops, might not get to do this. OhHhH nOoOoOo.

    8:02 – Oh there it is on Twitter. Damn.

    8:03 – Brandon says he’s gonna use a water jug as a weight. I’m gonna use a Chewy box with a bag of cat litter inside.

    8:06 – Stretching. I got this. I am limber like a cat for no reason.

    8:07 – The cat has heard me and has come to judge.

    8:11 – While trying to loosen my glutes, I knocked over the fan and scared my roommate but all is well. The cat has gone away at least.

    8:13 – “Grab a towel and water.” BUT WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM?

    8:15 – “Maybe you only have a resistance band. Maybe you have a med ball. Maybe you have a kettle bell.” Maybe I have a jump rope I bought at TJ Maxx in a fit of pique and ended up using as a clothes line in the back yard, BRANDON.

    8:16 – A Chewy box with a bag of kitty litter inside is a TERRIBLE substitute, do NOT recommend.

    8:19 – Brandon keeps telling me to grab a towel what do I do with the towel?

    8:23 – I have discovered what the towel is for. I’ve also discovered that somewhere along this journey, I’m actually having fun and nothing in my body hurts too much.

    8:24 – Moving on to conditioning. He’s name dropping players who do these. It’s exactly what I needed to keep going, thanks. I’m starting to really like you, Brandon.

    8:27 – He’s breathing hard, too. I have never felt so seen. Granted, his are the deep, even breaths of a professional fueling his body with oxygen and my are the wizened gasps of a fan who eats helmet nachos, but still there’s some camaraderie.

    8:31 – We are just laying on the floor, breathing. Peaceful. Cat is sitting on the abandoned kitty litter box watching me but his judgement can’t reach my becalmed mind.

    8:33 – The workout is over. I feel amazing and sweaty and a bit smelly and if Dave Roberts asked me to, I’d punch the sun.

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