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    March 23, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    During todays Q&A that was moderated by Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser, Stan Kasten and Andrew Friedman offered you some clarity on a few hot topics. We learned how the league is communicating with teams and working towards a solution. How the Dodgers view potentially having to get its players ready for a shortened season. We also get some really good news that I’ll save for the end.

    First things first, Stan Kasten made things from the start very clear. He has no idea what the timeline is for baseball’s return. He thinks there is a light at the end of tunnel for baseball to return but he wouldn’t speculate on when that might be. The league is holding daily conferences updating the teams and talking about potential solutions however in an effort to salvaging the season. Kasten pointes to the last time baseball stopped and pointed out that even in a shortened season the player and fans weren’t negatively affected outside of having less games to enjoy.

    Andrew Friedman was able to shed light on how the Dodgers organization views the problem of getting players ready with the problems the league is facing. His response was very Friedman like-it just made sense. He doesn’t think relievers and position players are going to have that much of a problem adjusting, the starting-pitching is another thing. The lack of a known start date makes this all the more difficult to adjust for. Going to strong now or waiting too long is a problem on both ends. Finding that happy medium is the problem he and the pitching staff are working towards to, the goal being to maximize the best of a poor situation.

    Stan also went on to touch on the center-field renovations. As of now construction has slowed down but it is ongoing while remaining in full compliance of cdc and state health and safety recommendations. He went on to paint a very nice picture describing it as a “cool place to hang during the game, and a cool place to hang after the game”. I can’t wait to see it and his description made me all the more impatient for it to be completed

    Now to the best part and some happy news. These four gentleman are going to continue to do these videos going forward in an effort to stay connected to the fans. Joe Davis and his perfectly symmetrical face was able to seduce Orel to accept his offer to co-host a podcast with him which is pure gold in these times. The best part though had to be when Stan Kasten blamed the last baseball stoppage on Orel. That story was promised for the next time though and I can’t wait to hear it.

    Click the link below to watch the full Q&A


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