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  • Was signing Trevor Bauer the smart move?

  • iAmTired

    February 5, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    Dodgers sign NL 2020 Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer to a three-year deal worth $102M! I am in shock by this signing. I didn’t want them to sign Bauer because I doubt he’d finish with the great numbers he finished with if it was a full 162 game season. (In my opinion) the Dodgers overpaid for him. The front office got scared of what the Padres did and who they signed. They panicked and signed Bauer for what he wanted.

    Everyone was saying he’s going to the Mets. He has to go to the Mets. They’re offering the most overall money and out of nowhere right as I get off work. The Dodgers sign Bauer. Like what happened? I don’t understand this sign at all from the perspective of a fan. Justin Turner is still a free agent, and now after signing Bauer, we are $28.5M over the luxury tax. I don’t see us signing Turner anymore. Which makes me sad, and I’ll miss him. I mean, anything could happen, but I doubt we keep him.

    I am in more shock than when we signed Mookie Betts because there were at least rumors of that happening. No one was saying that Bauer was going to sign with the Dodgers. It was all about the Mets.

    This is the first signing in a while where I am questioning the front office.

    Was this a good idea by the Dodgers? Is Bauer worth $102M for only three years?

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