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  • Should the Dodgers make a move to counter the Padres?

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    December 28, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    As we all have heard by now, the San Diego Padres have traded for Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, and Victor Caratini signed Korean star Kim, as well as just trading for Pirates pitcher Joe Musgrove.  Good moves by the Padres by getting the pitcher who dominated your biggest competition in the Dodgers. These moves have obviously brought on a lot of reactionary takes from Dodger fans, some saying the Dodgers should counter this move by signing Trevor Bauer. That’s all fine and well, but how does countering a pitching move with a pitcher help? Shouldn’t the “countering” move be one that directly affects said move?


    Andrew Friedman isn’t a reactionary kind of person, he always stays the course. But, let’s say this time he does decide to make a hasty move because of the Padres, Bauer makes no sense. A right-handed hitter for this lineup would make more sense. Is that player available for Freidman to get? The short answer is yes. 


    Who are some hitters that can counter these moves? The Dodgers could trade for Third Baseman, Kris Bryant who’s career Ops of .889, and a career slugging percentage over .500 are both really good would be a good option for the Dodgers. There is some injury concern but if healthy he’s one of the best hitters on the market. Eugenio Suarez would also be an intriguing option a slightly worse hitter than Bryant in his career but still really good and has good peripherals moving forward. The Dodgers could always bring back Justin Turner who has been the Dodgers most consistent hitter since he arrived here. There is some potential downside with his peripherals showing a decline but he’s still a very solid and good hitter. Marcus Semien who the Dodgers reportedly have an interest in is also an option. Semien is the worst hitter of the 4 but he’s athletic and the Dodgers have been known to help “struggling” hitters be better at the plate. Does AJ Pollock ring any bells? There are options out there for the Dodgers to make if they so choose to make a “reactionary” move. 

    If you want to counter the Padres moves Trevor Bauer isn’t the answer. The answer is getting a right-handed bat to help balance the lineup. Now, the Dodgers don’t actually have to make any hasty moves. They have shored up the bullpen a bit more which seemed to be their main focus. Their overall team is probably still better than the Padres but getting someone I named in the previous paragraph would solidify the Dodgers edge even more. What are your guys’ thoughts? 


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