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  • Is Edwin Rios ready to be an everyday player?

  • iAmTired

    January 28, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    Now, I am going to defend both options here. Either he is or he is not. I’ll be starting with the side that says he should be an everyday player.

    Edwin Rios should be an everyday player and let me tell you why. Rios has had some hits in a couple big games and some real good defensive plays. He replaced Justin Turner at third base in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series after he left the game with being diagnosed positive with COVID-19. That right there tells me that Dave Roberts believes in this young man’s talent and ability to provide for this team. Although, he went 1-5 in the game his only hit in the blowout that was Game 3 of the 2020 NLCS was a solo home run to center field was his biggest hit of the post season. If the Dodgers don’t resign (as of right now) free agent Justin Turner. Rios could not completely fill his shoes but i think could be good at the everyday third baseman.

    Now is the other side of the conversation. Edwin Rios is not even close to being an everyday player and here is why. Rios hasn’t been as good as some people may say. He’s decent don’t get me wrong. There’s potential there but, not what people say. He posted a .250 BA with 32 games played in the 60 game season. He played a couple over half the games and posted only a .250 batting average. There’s players who are more deserving such as Chris Taylor and if the Dodgers resign him Joc Pederson (who was usually the left fielder but it was mostly AJ Pollock. Both of these men have provided for us either late in games or in big moments. First pitch of Game 1 of the *2017 World Series*. Taylor hit a home run. Joc went deep in game 5 of the same World Series but in Game 4 who also hit 3 HRs in his first 6 World Series games. Keep him as a bench player in other words.

    So, I have given both side of this conversation and I’ll let you decide on what you think the Dodgers should do? Do you think he’s ready to take on that pressure of an everyday player or do you think he doesn’t deserve it?

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