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  • Dustin May’s National League Champioship Series Recap.

  • iga

    October 19, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    I am still AMAZED by his talent. I really feel as though he has the stuff to be a future star in an already stacked young pitching core. Another thing that further drives this point home is the fact he told Dave Roberts that he is ready to pitch as a starter, opener, in relief, long relief, or anywhere else he is needed. Dave definitely took him up on the offer, here is his NLCS recap.

    10/12/2020: Dustin appeared in this game in the 7th inning and pitched 1.⅔ innings. May was able to strikeout 2, he only walked 1, he gave up a hit but that did not lead to a run. 0.00 era.

    10/16/2020: May was tasked as the “opener” in this “bullpen game”. In 2 innings of work he was able to strike out 3, he walked 2, gave up 3 hits, and 2 earned runs as his era went from up 2.45.

    10/18/2020: Dustin was given the ball once again as the opener in the winner take all game which resulted in him pitching 1 inning he struck out 2, but gave up 1 hit that resulted in 1 run.

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