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  • Dodgers and Austin Barnes couldn’t agree to contract

  • konu

    January 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    The Dodgers and Austin Barnes couldn’t agree to a contract for the 2021 season. They’ll be headed to arbitration in February unless they can agree to some kind of deal. Possibly work out a longer-term deal like the Dodgers did with Chris Taylor last year. Austin Barnes was somewhat of a World Series hero for the Dodgers. He notoriously knocked Blake Snell out of the game who was dominating which opened up the gates for the Dodgers to take the lead. He also had a big home run in one game. Most importantly he was the catcher the pitchers felt most comfortable with and got the best out of them. Without Barnes handling of the pitching staff do the Dodgers win? When it comes to back-up catchers is hard to find anyone better than Austin Barnes, he’s just the cream of the crop in that role. He’ll be important for the Dodgers again as Smith tries to get more comfortable with the staff. 

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