CLINCH WATCH 2021 – Rox Win, Dodgers Come Up Short – 9/9/2021

half games are back hurray

Rockies Take On The Phillies

The Rockies had a spectacular three run ninth inning rally against the Phillies in Citizens Bank Park but you might have missed it if you were just listening to their broadcast booth.  Y’all I went back to the main screen because that surely wasn’t the call of a go-ahead homer in the ninth.  But it was.  We Dodger fans are SO spoiled.

The Rox were down by one going into the ninth in a 2-1 game (sound familiar?) With two outs, third baseman Colton Welker stepped into the box.  The rookie was called up the previous night (nada in a pinch hit appearance against the Giants) and started on a MLB roster for the first time in Philadelphia.  His first big league hit was an RBI to tie the game.  His ninth inning single started the rally that won the night for the Rockies.

Welker might have been called up earlier in the season to help fill the hole at third caused by Arenado’s exit, but he served an 80 game suspension back in May for testing positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, which is a banned performance enhancing substance and an excellent way to win at Scrabble.

This was actually a Big Deal that involved the MLBPA.  Trace amounts of the steroid showed up in several players’ urine tests.  That particular drug was the same one used in the East Germany doping scandal way back in the 70s.  Yeah, it’s pretty weird.

Anyways, Welker seems to be deliriously happy with his first big league game.  After such a crappy 2020 Minor League season and what probably felt like a bogus suspension, I’m guessing he’s in a fine fettle tonight.

I’m genuinely happy to see the Rockies put up a win for their fans. At this point in the season, one that started with that infamous Athletic exposé and saw the exit of one of their brightest stars, I kinda just hope they get to have some fun.  Colton Welker sure is.

Dodgers Split Series with Cards, Head Home

Not gonna lie, I had high hopes for this game.  Usually when the Dodgers lose in a close game they come out on fire.  Not so much today.  Then again, east coast breakfast baseball is whack.   

It’s a theme that’s cropped up a few times this season.  Pitching only gives up a few runs and the offense is completely unable to answer for them.  Yet our run differential is +222 according to ESPN.  Feast and famine.  Fruition and frustration.

But it’s a frustration largely fueled by looking up at the Giants.  By now, Dodger fans are usually doing the magic number math.  This year, the math is much simpler and significantly less fun.  For now.

If a game happens while the majority of both its fanbases is unable to watch it, does it count? 

Unfortunately yes. Dodgers lose 2-1 and fall to 2.5 games back from the Giants.

Giants Have An Off Day

Sigh.  I guess they probably earned it.

Padres Rest Up For Long Journey Up To Los Angeles

Sometimes I think about how Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Wil Myers ran out onto the field to bring a bunch of fans into the relative safety of the dugout during what they thought might be a mass shooting situation at Nationals Park.

Yeah, that happened this season.  When do we get back to precidented times again?

Diamondbacks Still A Team

The Arizona team ALSO had a day off today.  I truly hope they got some rest and maybe went go-carting or something.  As a team.  Wouldn’t that be lovely for them?


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