CLINCH WATCH 2021 – Pujols Visits His Ex – 9/7/2021


Clinch Watch 2021 – In which we tell you all you need to know about the race to win the NL West and several things you didn’t. 

Pujols Homers, Gets Muncy Hug

The Dodgers faced off against the St. Louis Cardinals in Busch Stadium.  It was Tío Albert’s first time visiting his ex while in Dodger Blue and boy did he show out, hitting a 102.6 mph off-the-bat homer in his old digs.  Not to be left out, Smith and JT also went yard, Turner twice. 

Pujols home run st. louis
Yep. That’s exactly how one should look at Tío Albert.


Nolan Arenado, looking more Mario and less Waluigi*, still remembered some of his old division days devilry, scoring the only two Cardinal sins agains the Boys in Blue.  The Dodger bullpen continues to perform superbly under trying circumstance.

Bellinger, bless him, managed a sac fly RBI.  I don’t need to say that Bellinger has been a little bit of a disappointment at the plate this season, but will mention that off-season shoulder surgery and a fractured leg at the beginning of the season might have something to do with it.  Himbo still gets his magnificent catches in, so there’s that.

Dodgers improved to 88-51, the Cardinals to 69-68.  Wouldn’t it be Nice if the Dodgers won the next one?

Giants Take on Rockies

In Giantlandia, Coors Field Coors Fielded and like every friggin Giant got a double.  For real.  Of the nine batters they sent into the box, seven of them doubled.  The extra bases absolutely made the difference, as they only had four more hits that the Rockies, but spanked Colorado 12-3.

C.J. Cron had a three hit night, Blackmon and Rio Ruiz had two each.  Does Arenado miss the Rockies?  Dunno.  But I think they probably miss him.

Giants improved to 89-50.  

No No-No for Snell

San Diego’s Blake Snell took a no-hitter into the sixth inning last night.  He then issued two walks, one to David Fletcher and Jack Mayfield, who both came around to score on a single from Jo Adell. I stopped listening after that, because the Padres radio announcers got real salty.

Maybe Kevin Cash knew what he was doing, eh?

MLB-touted rivals Padres were shut out by the Angels 4-0 for a  73-65 record on the season so far.

Diamondbacks Still A Team

Look, I will forever be grateful to them for rehoming AJ Pollock, but like…45-94…losing nine of their last ten…that’s just harsh no matter how you paint it.  They were beat by the Rangers last night, thanks in part to an RBI single from former Dodger DJ Peters.

Peters has been clutch for the Rangers lately, earning 15 runs on 15 hits for them in the past two weeks.  Six of them were home runs.  It is frustrating to see him heat up now after struggling with the Dodgers (and seeing the Dodgers struggle in the box), but honestly I’m just happy he seems to be doing well.  Sometimes a change of pace is all a player needs.

Anyways, I don’t think the Diamondbacks will be in the postseason.  Just a hunch.


Dodgers won, Giants won.  The Dodgers remain one game back.  The Watch continues.


*I looked SO HARD for the person who made this joke on Twitter but couldn’t find it.  PLEASE let me know if you know whomst it was, they absolutely deserve credit.

Norman Avocado
I find it hard to believe that NO ONE has ever used those words in a Tweet but here we are.


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