Justin Turner Struggles But Dodgers Still Winning

Justin Turner Struggles But Dodgers Still Winning – Weekly Recap: May 17-23

The loss to the Marlins in the previous week was definitely a bummer. It was a long week ahead as not one but two division rivals were on deck, starting with a four-game series against Arizona.  Turner had some struggles at the plate, but the Dodgers kept winning, so the train keeps rolling.

Turner vs. the Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium

May 17 – Nothing Doing for Turner

A walk in the third was the only thing Justin had going for him. It was a low-scoring affair in this one.

Dodgers win 1-3

May 18 – Turner’s Day Off

May 19 – So Many Men Left On Base

In four at-bats, Turner couldn’t get anything going. He either had a flyout, strikeout or hit into a double play. This caused him to leave 6 men on base. Fortunately for us, we prevailed!

Dodgers win 2-4

May 20  – Series Finale

The finale saw the same results, this time, with only four men left on base as opposed to six. 

Dodgers win 2-3

As the four-game sweep of the Diamondbacks was complete, the scenery switched to an all too familiar unfriendly territory in San Francisco. It is one thing to be able to complete a four-game winning streak against a team in the bottom of the division, but against the Giants would be more difficult since they’re the other team chasing San Diego for the division lead. 

Turner vs. the Giants at Oracle Park

May 21 – A Rivalry Renewed 

A base hit in the fifth was the best we got from JT. This was a typical Dodgers Giants close game. 

Dodgers win 1-2.

May 22 – Reaches on Error, Scores a Run

A single in the sixth, but more importantly, an error got him on base in the eighth, which Albert Pujols got him home on a single. Man, it feels like the Twilight Zone to see the future Hall of Famer on our team. 

Dodgers win 1-6.

May 23 Series Finale

It seems like everyone else had their selves a game. Grand Slam Gavin did it again. Max Muncy had his 10th home run. Julio Urías nearly had a perfect game. On the other hand, Justin had to watch everyone else have all the fun as he went 0-4 in this game.

Dodgers win 5-11

Justin has been in a bit of a slump, which is concerning. Turner and his struggles at the plate are hard to watch.  He is our franchise guy, and when he is on, he can really carry us. Of course, winning solves all of the problems, especially when other guys are really coming on. I was upset when Corey Seager went on the injured list. Gavin Lux has come in and stepped up tremendously! Kudos to that kid for filling some big shoes at short. I would love to see Justin contribute more, but I’ll take his solid defensive plays if we’re winning.


BA: .267

OPS: .809

R: 1 (27)

Hits: 1 (43)

RBI: 0 (23)

AB: 22 (161)

BB: 2 (24)

2B: 0 (8)

3B: 0 (0)

HR: 0 (7)

SB: 0 (0)

To read about Turner’s turn against the Mariners and the Marlins, click here.

Photo Credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


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