Betts’s Bat Not At Its Best

Betts's Bat Not At Its Best

Betts’s Bat Not At Its Best – Weekly Recap: May 11-16

Not the best of weeks for one Mookie Betts. He started to heat up last week, but hit just .238 this week with 5 hits in 21 plate appearances. He only walked twice, but he also only struck out twice. It’s safe to say that Betts’s bat is not at its best this week.

May 11th vs. Mariners – Missed Call

Mookie went 1 for 4 this game, his lone hit being a double. He came up with the bases loaded in a big spot worked a long and great 10 pitch AB before being robbed of a walk by the home plate umpire who called strike 3 on a pitch way inside.

May 12th vs. Mariners – Taking Advantage of an Error

For the second game against Seattle, Betts went 1 for 5. Once again, his lone hit was a double, though he did reach on an error in his last at-bat of the night. Betts still made some solid contact but it didn’t result in hits.

May 13th – Off Day

May 14th vs. Marlins – One Hit Double Wonder

Betts went 1 for 4 in game one against Miami. He led off the game with a walk, then stole second base. Next at-bat, he had yet another double. Most of his hits this week were of the double variety.

May 15th vs. Marlins – Sacrifice RBI

Betts went 0 for 3 with an RBI sac fly this game. He did walk also, but other than that? Three flyouts from Betts. The one constant in this slowish start to the season is his ability to work counts.

May 16th vs. Marlins – Two Hits

Betts finished the loss going 2 for 5. He had an RBI single to left in his second at-bat, then in his third at-bat, he doubled off the wall in left-center. Other than that, he struck out and grounded out to third.

Not a good week as far as hits go. I thought this week would be when he caught fire but his batting has not been at its best. As I mentioned earlier, he did work the counts well, per usual, and made some solid contact. Unfortunately, it didn’t result in much. It feels like Mookie is in a much better place than he was in previous weeks, though, so maybe he starts to find consistency at the plate.


BA: .257

OPS: .808

Runs: 2 (21)

Hits: 5 (35)

RBI: 3 (14)

AB: 21 (136)

BB: 2 (20)

SO: 2 (24)

2B: 4 (13)

3B: 0 (0)

HR: 0 (4)

SB: 1 (5)

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Photo Credit – Michael Owens/Getty Images


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