Kershaw, Dodgers Still On A Rollercoaster

Dodgers Still On A Rollercoaster

Kershaw, Dodgers Still On A Rollercoaster – Recap: May 3-9

What the…well, the Dodgers are still on this crazy rollercoaster that seems to have a long drop, with tiny breather moments, but still a downfall regardless.  The team itself has not been well at all, with players constantly on the IL and Dustin May getting Tommy John Surgery. It is without a doubt a physical and mental battle in the organization right now. 

Kershaw vs. Cubs

This game marked Kershaw’s shortest start in his career. He only pitched for 1 inning, in which he allowed 4 hits, 4 runs, 4 ER, 2 BB, and 2 strikeouts. This must’ve been the longest inning of his career. Leaving the game, he must’ve felt devastated in addition to knowing how bad things have been overall with the Dodgers. 

Kershaw vs. Angels

As the Dodgers prepared for their second game in this Freeway Series, it was up to Kershaw to help give the Dodgers a win. They already lost the first game against the Angels 2-9. That is exactly what Clayton Kershaw did on short rest. He pitched a total of 5 innings, only allowing 2 hits with no runs. During the 4th inning, though, the Dodgers stepped up and gave him an 8-0 lead. That didn’t mean the Angels were out of the game as they approached them and ended the game with a loss of 14-11. This had a lot of fans talking after the game whether or not it was the right decision to pull Kershaw after only five innings. 

We just finished month one of baseball, and there is still a long journey to go, yet it hurts knowing that your World Champion team is greatly struggling and is currently in 3rd place in their division. 

Remember this Dodger Fans: The Fight Is Not Over. We Will Recover. Our Comeback Will Be Even Stronger. The Championship Awaits Us. 

Weekly Stats: 

ERA: 2.62

IP: 6 (44.2)

SO: 7 (46)

BB: 3 (8)

HBP: 0 (0)

Hits: 6 (36)

R: 4 (14)

ER: 4 (13)

HR: 0 (3)

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PHOTO CREDIT: John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images



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