Seager Not Privy to Dodger Offensive Woes

Corey Seager Not Privy to Dodger Offensive Woes – Recap: April 26th – May 2nd

Corey Seager has not been privy to the Dodger offensive woes. Before Sunday’s outburst, the Dodgers were scoring just under four runs per game this week. Seager brought in some of those runs but overall had a weak performance at the plate.

SEAGER vs. Reds


Seager started the week with a walk in the first inning of this game. He then struck out swinging in the third inning. In the fifth inning, he got a single. Then, in the bottom of the seventh inning, Seager hit a game-tying two-run home run 412 feet to center field with Austin Barnes on base. This seemed to move momentum in the Dodgers’ favor. With a chance to win the ballgame in the ninth inning, Seager grounded out to second. After the Reds scored in the 10th, Seager started the bottom of the inning at second base and actually stole third base! It was his first steal of the season. He was left stranded, and the Dodgers lost.

April 27 – 5 RUNS NOT ENOUGH

In this one, Walker Buehler was roughed up by the Cincinnati Reds’ offense, and the Dodgers lost three games for the first time since August 2019. For the first inning, Corey Seager lined out to shortstop. In the third inning, he grounded out to shortstop. He grounded out to second in the fifth and walked in the sixth. Seager got another at-bat in the ninth inning and popped out to third.


Lead by Clayton Kershaw and a six-run eighth inning, the Dodgers stopped the bleeding and defeated the Reds to avoid a sweep. Maybe Seager was the problem? The Dodgers starting shortstop got the day off in this one.

SEAGER vs. Brewers


We thought the Dodgers’ offensive woes were through after Wednesday’s 8-0 win over the Reds. Boy, were we wrong! Seager flew out to left in the first inning of this one. He then singled off the lefty, Eric Lauer, in the third inning. With two men on base in the fifth, Seager flew out again to left field. In the top of the eighth inning, down 2-0 with Mookie Betts on first base, Seager swung at the first pitch of the at-bat and grounded into a double play. He hit the ball hard but right to the defender.

April 30 – NO OFFENSE

In the first inning, Seager was hit by a pitch. In the third, he flew out to left and in the top of the sixth inning, he grounded out to third. Then, facing Josh Hader and a two-run deficit, Seager struck out swinging.

May 1 – MAYDAY

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This is the one where the Dodgers lost Dustin May to injury in the second inning. They took the lead four times but couldn’t hold it and eventually lost 6-5 to the Brewers in eleven innings. Seager lined out in the first inning. In the third inning, though, he tripled to bring in Mookie to take a 2-1, short-lived lead. Seager struck out against Brandon Woodruff in the fifth with two men on and against Devin Williams leading off the eighth. He earned a walk in the tenth inning but struck out again in the eleventh, with Will Smith on third base and two outs. Then in the bottom of the inning, Seager missed the potential game-saving grounder that tied up the game. The Dodgers lost on the next at-bat.


For the second time this week, the Dodgers won the final game of a series with a blowout after losing each of the previous games in the series. In this one, Seager walked and scored the Dodgers’ first run on an infield single by Matt Beaty. He actually made a nice play in the bottom of the inning to start a double play. In the second inning, Seager singled to right and eventually scored on Beaty’s grand slam. He made his first out in the third inning, grounding out to first. That was his last at-bat of the week, as Dave Roberts took him out of the game with a 9-1 lead.

So, it was another tough week for Corey Seager and the Dodgers. His batting average was less than .250, and he’s looking less like the player we saw last year and in spring training. It is still early in the season, though, so hopefully, he and his teammates can pick it up and reward the Dodgers’ starting pitchers.


BA: .257
OPS: .811
R: 3 (16)
RBI: 3 (18)
H: 5 (28)
AB: 22 (109)
BB: 4 (15)
2B: 0 (6)
3B: 1 (2)
HR: 1 (4)
SB: 1 (1)
Errors: 0 (3)

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