Kershaw Rides High On Dodger Rollercoaster

Kershaw Rides High On Dodger Rollercoaster

Before we take a look at how Kershaw did this week, let’s all take a moment to breathe….cause, as we all know, these past few games have been a Dodger rollercoaster. Like what is going on, boys?!?! 

Yes, we all wish the very best and a speedy recovery to the players, but hey, the season is moving forward, and we all know you will find a way to recover. 

Now… back to what we are actually here for. How did Clayton Kershaw do this week? 

Dodgers vs. Reds

We saw Kershaw go up against the Reds in the final game of the series, and boy, did he not disappoint. He pitched for a total of seven innings, only allowing four hits, 0 runs, and one BB. This is the Kershaw we all know. The dominant one, who takes control of the game. 

The Dodgers, despite being on a rollercoaster, helped give Kershaw that win 8-0. Kershaw’s past outings have not been the best, so that was a much necessary win. 

So many things going on at the moment in the Dodgers’ organization, with players constantly being moved to the IL to trying to adjust to a change in lineup. We are just ending month one of Major League Baseball, and the journey has just started.  Not only is the team suffering, but let’s be real Dodger fans; we suffer and celebrate along with them. 

Hey! Dodger Fans, we would love to hear your thoughts and just overall express your emotions cause we are all in this till the very end. Bleed Blue! 

Weekly Stats

ERA: 2.09

IP: 7 (38.2)

SO: 8 (39)

BB: 1 (5)

HBP: 0 (0)

Hits: 4 (30)

R: 0 (10)

ER: 0 (9)

HR: 0 (3)

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Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

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