Dustin May Looks Ahead to the Athletics

Dustin May Looks Ahead to the Athletics

Dustin May didn’t make an appearance against the Rockies.  He is scheduled to pitch Monday night against the Athletics.

The A’s are off to a rocky start so far this year, but the offense still has the firepower to get it going at any minute, so May will need to be on his A-game. May will want continue what he showed so far in spring. Last year during summer camp, May flashed all his pitches before abandoning them for pitches he’s more comfortable with. Hopefully, this season he continues mixing his pitches well. He’s going to have to throw that high four-seam that reaches triple digits while also running that two-seamer into the hands of right-handers. Mixing in his curveball more and hoping to see more change-ups that will tie up left-handed hitters. He has what it takes. Now he needs to put it all together.

The Athletics – Strengths and Weaknesses

The A’s offense can be potent, especially in the power department, but with that comes an opportunity for swings and misses. The A’s have struck out 37 times in their four-game series against the Astros. It will be key for May to recognize what worked for the ‘Stros and figure out a way to plan around it while also maximizing what he does best. The last time the Dodgers saw the A’s in spring, they hit Kershaw all over the yard.

May can’t rely just on the fastball because, as we’ve seen in the past, players will adjust. It’s gotten him into trouble in the past, causing him to throw more pitches and thus go fewer innings.

This should be a good test despite the A’s struggles because they’ll come out mad from getting swept with better and more focused at-bats. Let’s hope May can continue to impress us as he looks ahead to the Athletics.


ERA: 0.00

IP: 0

SO: 0

BB: 0

HBP: 0

Hits: 0

Runs: 0

Earned Runs: 0

HR: 0

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