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Spring Training is over. Opening Day is tomorrow and the Dodgers have a lot to look forward to for the 2021 season! Somewhat of a surprise this spring has been the dominance of Corey Seager, especially in the Freeway Series. We know he had a great 2020 and was clutch in the playoffs, but I don’t think many expected him to lead the majors with 8 home runs in spring training.

He shares that lead with former Dodger, new Cub, Joc Pederson. Seager’s OPS of 1.265 is good for second in the majors, trailing only Josh Bell of the Nationals.

Seager, known for hitting doubles, didn’t hit one all spring. When he hit the ball hard, it went over the wall. He hit homers to left, center, and right field, cementing the fact his power has no limits.

Seager did have a couple errors this spring, earning one in the final series against the Angels, costing the Dodgers a couple of runs.  This is a little worrisome but not surprising because Seager is known for getting errors, averaging 10 per season.

Looking Ahead

All in all, I’m glad I’ll be covering Corey Seager each week for Dodger Yard! He has a legit chance at NL MVP, and an even better chance at winning another World Series Championship.

The Dodgers are stacked. They have 3 former MVPs on their roster, 3 former Cy Young Award winners and 3 starters pitching out of the bullpen. Everyone who plays the infield hits tanks.

I don’t expect Corey Seager to slow down once the games count. The fact this is a contract year doesn’t seem to phase him yet and hopefully it won’t ever. As the great Vin Scully would say, “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”


BA: .347
OPS: 1.265
AB: 3 (49)
2B: 0 (0)
3B: 0 (0)
RBI: 2 (16)
HR: 2 (8)
BB: 2 (7)
SB: 0 (0)
Errors: 1 (2)

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PHOTO CREDIT: Norm Hall/Getty Images


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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