Waiting to make his 2021 debut, Cody Bellinger has been on the road to recovery from his shoulder surgery following the World Series Championship back in November of 2020.

Belli dislocated his shoulder during the NLCS after bumping it with his teammates, a move he is quite known for. Something that seemed to be as an innocent way to celebrate brought upon a little issue for our #35. Despite that, he continued on to help achieve the goal of bringing the World Series Championship home. 

It’s hard to forget those moments in which Belli came through. Game 7 of the NLCS series, either the Dodgers advanced or that was it for the team. Tied 3-3 in the 7th inning, a home run from Belli ended up giving the Dodgers that key win which advanced them to the World Series. Six games later, the Dodgers would become champions. 

As he little by little recovers, both Cody Bellinger and Dave Roberts have high hopes for him to make the opening day lineup. “As he stated and as I stated, I expect him to be ready for Opening Day, and that still remains the case.” This was according to Dave Roberts when asked about how he felt Bellinger was doing. 

The goal is to hopefully have him in a game by March 15th.  Although a lot can vary on how he evolves during practices. 

More information about his injury can be found here.

While he had both his good and bad moments just like any other player, will his shoulder surgery be an issue later on? 

What are your predictions as to how this year looks for Belli? 

Will he come back and claim the title of NL MVP once more?

Don’t forget to check back each week for the latest update as we follow the Boys in Blue through their 2021 journey. 


For more on Cody Bellinger and his recent contract discussions, click here.


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