Jansen shouldn’t be the closer anymore… Urías should

Last week, Kenley Jansen was named the Opening Day closer by Dave Roberts. Saying, “We are at our best when Kenley is closing for us.” I am in no way surprised that Roberts is doubling-down on Jansen as the closer. He has never doubted Kenley, even through the roughest moments of his career.

In my own eyes, I don’t see why he would be the closer. Julio Urías (who closed out the last 3 innings of the 2020 World Series Game 6) was unstoppable this postseason and even the entire year. He was clutch out of the pen, though. Urías was our best reliever in the postseason. You could argue that Treinen is better, but I’m going with who shut down the Rays to win the World Series.

Urías is known to give up a lot of runs when starting games. Many fans point out that he will surrender 4-5 runs in the 1st inning and then coast after that. When he’s a reliever, he comes in already warmed up and is ready to go, pitches well, and mostly shuts opposing players down.

Jansen is 33 years old, and he is out of his prime. Julio Urías is 24 years old and is only going to get better, and I think he’s a solid pick instead of Jansen for the closer. Maybe bring in Jansen as the set-up man, or maybe even in the 7th inning.

What is your take on Jansen being called the closer this year? Do you think Roberts is making a smart decision?

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